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Alek Karthikeyan, '23

My journey to the Windy City of Chicago started from New Delhi, India, where I was born and brought up ‘til around the age of 4. From there, my family and I were graced with the opportunity to move to Toronto, Canada, where I witnessed, firsthand, the immigrant struggle. It was amid these early days when my optometrist became my role model and someone I aspired to be like. The field of optometry became appealing to me, as it would enable me to positively impact one’s life while fostering a healthy work-life balance.


My academic path eventually took me to study the Health Sciences at Wilfrid Laurier University. During these 4 years, I was lucky to work with an on-campus club called Eye to Eye. This club was focused on eliminating the stigma associated with visual impairment. I met many individuals with visual impairments that they acquired through different conditions and traumas. I found tremendous fulfillment through this experience; it validated my career ambition of becoming an optometrist.


I am looking forward to beginning my journey as an ICO student and pursuing my dream career.

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