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Free Food, Free Trips, Free Stuff

Hello readers! You have tuned in once again into the Wonderful Life of Danny, trying to get a glimpse of things to come. Well, you won’t be disappointed because things get good.

And I don’t mean good like no exams, or good like hitting the home stretch of school, but good as in FREE TRIPS.

Alcon, one of the world’s largest companies in eye care, offers to fourth year optometry students from across the nation an all-expenses paid trip to the company headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. In order to be selected, you must show interest in contact lenses, whether through the school’s Contact Lens Society, the clinic’s Cornea Department or Contact Lens Symposium events. I was fortunate enough to be selected, and it was awesome!

Alcon flew us out to DFW Airport, picked us up in a Town Car, and wined and dined us for three days. I feasted like a king (hello, Texas-shaped waffles!) and had to keep my pants unbuttoned the whole time. We also attended excellent lectures by prominent optometrists and ophthalmologists regarding the advances of our field. I learned like a king too.

Earlier this year, Vistakon flew us out to Jacksonville, Fla. for a seminar. Vistakon manufacturers Acuvue contact lenses. Maybe you’ve heard of them. There, I conceived a food baby that lasted a week.

As you get further into your optometry education, many companies will try to win you over. Lots of free food, free trips, and free stuff. My advice is to keep an open mind. Every company will tell you their products are the best.  Take their information with a grain of salt, and then take their free stuff.


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