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Happy Holidays!


Some of my holiday shopping purchases

It’s break time again at ICO and I’m so glad to be home with my family. Break started after an exam on Friday in one of our harder courses–ocular anatomy–and once it was over it was so good to finally be able to breathe again. Minutes after we completd the exam, taxi cars were pulling up by the Residential Complex to take home several of my colleagues and friends. I headed home after a celebratory lunch and shopping trip with friends. We tried a restaurant called Opart Thai that had a cool vibe, yummy food, and a location near campus. Our shopping trip took us to Michigan Avenue where we conquered the holiday sales and deals.

Now that I’m home, I’m becoming even more familiar with my optometry instruments and tools. I am planning to get through a few rounds of direct ophthalmoscopy with my folks and to work on my technique. Additionally, I’ll be practicing the cover test, near point convergence, extra ocular muscle testing and more. I have a few things to complete for each class but for this first week I’ll be solely enjoying break.

It hasn’t really snowed yet in Chicago, but I’m hopeful it will!


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