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Lists and Lists

Before I moved to Chicago, I made lists and lists of things I would need to survive my move to a new city. My lists were varied and, to be honest, a bit frazzled. Things on there ranged from hair ties to a lounge chair. I tried to organize, but the amount of stuff I needed just seemed to overwhelm me.

Looking back, it happened more smoothly than I expected. While I remember being frantic, it turns out I did some serious organization and everything turned out okay. Here’s my attempt to help you all plan your move to Chicago. I truly hope it reduces the stress you feel.

First, start by writing down large categories of things you need. Make clothing, electronics, toiletries, bedding, and personal lists. This isn’t to say that these are all the categories of things you’ll need, but it’s a good place to start. Half the battle is starting.

Here’s a starter list of things that will make your first few days in the dorms slightly easier.

Lifesavers: 1.) Shower slippers 2.) Bedding 3.) Scissors, for the inordinate number of things you have to tear into 4.) Detergent 5.) Lysol wipes 6.) Toilet paper 7.) Nail clippers. Hangnails seem to only happen when you don’t have nail clippers. Maybe that’s just me…. 8.) Comfy slippers 9.) Toiletries! Don’t forget a toothbrush and toothpaste. 10.) Chargers and electronics 11.) Patience- you’re going to need it. 12.) Excitement! This is going to be an amazing experience and so many people will be available to help you out!

Good luck to everyone that is in the midst of moving or thinking about moving. In the future, I might post a more detailed list of things you’ll need for moving to Chicago, specifically.


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