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Made at ICO: The Building Blocks of a Professional Network

Networking. Let me say it again: NetworkingThis is a key aspect to success within the medical field- and most other fields. At ICO, we are lucky to have a large alumni base. So, why is that important? Well to be blunt, alumni = jobs.

The amazing thing is that you can find ICO alumni all over the country. So, if you’re thinking it’s time to ditch your winter clothes and move to southern California, you can reach out to alumni there. Or, maybe you’re feeling adventurous and think Alaska is for you. We have alumni there, too. Maybe you’re a big fan of lobster and Maine is calling your name. Yes, we’ve got people there, as well! It’s all about the connections. 

ICO sets students up early on with opportunities to network and build their professional foundation. Through mentoring programs, faculty, staff, and countless clubs and organizations, students are given all the resources they need to start a strong network. We even have networking events to learn important skills in order to build the career you want.

Wherever I turn, I am able to find an alumnus, faculty, or staff member that has a similar interest as me. For example, through a group on campus called the Private Practice Club, I visited a private practice in the area which I found very interesting. I wanted to learn more about this mode of practice, and was able to attain a job at the practice using doors opened by getting involved in the club and meeting alumni that work there. This a great! I am able to take advantage of this resource and ask questions about how to continue becoming involved in the field.

So far, in my experience at ICO, most of the people I have reached out to have been extremely helpful. I’ve learned so much about the career I want to build already and it has only been a year!

The point is, take advantage of the networking opportunities given to you at ICO. If you are still considering which school is best for you, I advise you to strongly consider the resources that each school will provide for your in order to build your ideal career. Thus far, I can confidently say my network is continuing to grow.


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