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Remembering and Continuing the Adventure

Memorial Day.

A day devoted to remembering those who have fallen fighting for our freedom, safety, and certainty. In this country, freedom is taken for granted; bondage is not easily defined by experience. In this country, safety is cherished and held dear; danger is feared and avoided. In this country, certainty is attainable; uncertainty is defeated. We have these privileges because of people who gave up theirs. These people know the true meaning of selflessness, friendship, and family.

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends: John 15:13

I, along with my fellow members of ICO’s class of 2018, am about to step into a new chapter–perhaps a new book–in the series we call life. The next couple months must be spent preparing our minds, hearts, and souls to give up our whole selves in devotion to those around us. The adventure we will begin in August is not solely for ourselves but for every person we come into contact with during the next four years. Becoming an optometry student is a remarkable accomplishment along our journey. It is now time to turn this accomplishment into a training: a training to become the guardian and protector of the human eye. The eye is what allows us to interpret our surroundings and respond appropriately. As we learn how to preserve, correct, and enhance vision, we learn how to improve the quality of life.

In addition to the responsibility we have as students of optometry, we have the opportunity of gaining new experiences along the way. To make friends and go out of our comfort zone. To learn from others and be open to their opinions. To observe our surroundings and dive right in. To find our way and be a leader. To humble ourselves and accept criticism. To follow our heart with our mind’s guidance, being the best versions of ourselves. To get involved and stay focused.

We have been given an opportunity others do not receive.

Here we go, class of 2018!  This is the chance we have been waiting for. Let’s give it our all!


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