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Walking into a New City

I moved to Columbus, Ohio for the summer in order to fill one more pre-requisite course for ICO. I was hoping I could find a class that was closer to home, but as time passes, I’m beginning to appreciate this move to a bigger city. I’m learning about the different lifestyles between country folks and city people. The thing that I’ve noticed the most is that I’m spending less time in a car and more time walking places.

Moving into the city requires a lot more walking.  My dad and I always joke about how everyone in the city is so much skinnier because they have to walk everywhere. Wow, it is definitely true- especially when parking becomes too expensive to even consider. Of course, there are some things that you must drive to, such as the grocery store, but that’s a given.

The city does a wonderful job of keeping everything within an area. It seems as though all you need is within walking distance- school, rec center, bars, and not to mention the immense amount of choices to catch something to eat. Sometimes, I’m walking down the street and will not even be hungry, but smell something so good I have to go check it out. That is something one would not be able to do so easily if they were driving past!

Another wonderful aspect of walking within the city is that it gets your blood flowing! Walking increases the heart rate and thus strengthens the heart. A strong heart is a healthy and happy heart. Walking also works on muscles that would not be working while driving. Sometimes, when I do not feel like going to the gym, I convince myself it’s okay to take a day off since I did walk to class. That way, I can’t tell myself I didn’t do anything!

On another positive note, walking allows you to take in the environment around you more thoroughly. That’s one way I’ve learned to let life slow down around me- to go outside and just observe the natural beauty. With a clear mind, this is something I highly recommend. It really lightens my mood to see everyone around me enjoying a nice, brisk walk on a sunny day, as well.  It reminds me that life is good… as compared to driving in a car on the verge of road rage. Also, we’re soaking up some vitamin D along the way!

I’m currently enjoying taking different paths to get to where I’m going in order to get to know Columbus more. People have been so willing to help and explain where things are. This makes maneuvering around the city that much easier, which is something that can be a bit scary.

I’m looking forward to exploring Chicago and learning my way around the city, just as I did in Columbus. I’m excited and hopeful that the citizens in Chicago are going to be just as wonderful as I adventure around in my walking shoes!


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