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We Take Holidays Seriously!

When you’re stuck in the lecture hall and labs for long periods of time, you tend to forget what day it is or what month you’re in. Everything becomes a blur and timing is of the essence. Fortunately at ICO, they remind us that the seasons have changed and we should continue to celebrate the holidays despite the amount of studying we have to do on a daily basis. It’s refreshing to see the holiday spirit throughout the school and in the RC. I always tell myself its the little things that I should appreciate in life and subtle hints of the holiday spirit that ICO portrays throughout the school is one of the little things I love.

[Halloween – Boo Bash]


Photo Credit: Priscilla Chang ICO’19

At ICO, the Student Association host their annual Boo Bash where a lot of ICO kids go out into the city wearing their Halloween costumes two weeks before October 31st. This event is held two weeks before Halloween because our finals week begins during Halloween weekend. Having this event two weeks before Halloween is the the most entertaining part because people in the city are always questioning why we’re all wearing our Halloween costumes out when it wasn’t even Halloween yet. Students at ICO also get really creative with their costumes and with all the studying we do on the daily, you wonder how we found the time to whip something together. I was thoroughly impressed by all the costumes that my classmates had!


Photo Credit: Lillian Pothier ICO ’19


ICO does a great job every year putting up pumpkins and hay stacks around the campus during the fall season. I always enjoy watching the squirrels nibble away on the Indian corn while I walk to the school. When the pumpkin displays were set up, it reminded me that the Chicago winters were creeping up (even though it has been quite mild this year) and that I should enjoy the good weather while it lasted.

Majority of the American students at ICO do go back home for Thanksgiving break but since the Canadian students already celebrated their Canadian Thanksgiving a few weeks beforehand, they didn’t have much to do besides studying or exploring the city. Luckily, our biochemistry teacher is pretty awesome and held a Thanksgiving dinner at her home in the suburbs. It’s always great to know that faculty members at ICO are open and welcoming to the students during the holidays especially when some of us are not able to go home to see our family and friends. Also who doesn’t enjoy homemade Thanksgiving food?!



At the RC, we had a holiday door decorating contest and I must say, everyone who decorated their doors this year did such a great job. It was fun seeing all the creative doors. It’s the little things such as walking down the hall to your room and passing all your neighbors doors that remind me that Christmas is near. Now no one can say how uncreative optometry students are because this year’s door decorations were pretty phenomenal.

RC staff and residents also took the time to decorate the RC’s front lobby with two Christmas trees and plenty of lights and garland wrapped everywhere. From a very holiday deprived student, I have to say thank you to everyone who made the few weeks before winter break a bit more bearable with their holiday decorations.

Next up is Valentine’s Day (and also the beginning of our winter quarter finals week) and I heard from a little birdie that students and faculty will soon receive a Valentine’s goodie in their mailbox! Love is in the air at ICO. #ILoveICO


Photo Credit: ICO Communications


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