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What is This Thing You Call Snow?

I’m from southern California. Apart from visiting Chicago while my sister lived in the area and for my interview at ICO, I haven’t had a lot of experience with snow. In California, seeing snow was a decision I could, but rarely ever would, make by taking a short trip from the beaches to the mountains. Now, I’m expecting to be forced to see a whole lot of snow. Yay?

I knew what I signed up for when I chose ICO over other schools (including those back home!) Snow was constantly on my mind during my interview day; whenever I would say the word “California,” the next statement that anybody would say was related to snow. All the news reports have been saying that Chicago is expected to have a heavier than normal snowfall this winter. Not having gone through a “real” winter season at all, I have one question: What does that mean? Do all the roads close? Does the city just stop? Will there not be school for some days? The latter would be awesome, just don’t tell my instructors that!

As the season becomes colder, my closet becomes more filled with warmer jackets and- it’s weird for me to even say- tights. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally excited for snow and all that comes with it, whatever that may be. Part of the reason why I did choose ICO was to have that full city experience through all seasons. I can’t wait to see the trees dusted with it, and for snowmen to sprout up in vacant lots (I’ll probably build a few, myself.) I’m sure hot coffee will taste even better than it does now while the roads get even worse.

The important thing for me (and people like me) is to be prepared and embrace the big change from what we are used to. For any big change, one should be ready- just like starting optometry school. For now, bring on the snowy season at ICO!


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