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Bri Buckley

Bri Buckley, '20

I’ve been a small town girl my whole life. I was raised in Elyria, Ohio and attended Ashland University only a couple of hours away from home. The city is going to be an exciting change for me!

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Biology and also chose to have a minor in Entrepreneurship; I knew I wanted to have a business background with my hopes in becoming an optometrist. I love learning new things, but some things do not seem to come easy for me. I have definitely fought for what I have earned up until this point, and let me tell you- it has all been worth it to be able to attend a school such as ICO!

I originally came into undergrad with an interest in Pre-Pharmacy, but found myself lacking the drive to want to learn more about the profession. That is when my optometrist mentioned how rewarding and fitting the career path as an optometrist would be for me. Not having the best vision myself, I realized I wanted the power to help people see the world as it should be seen: with clarity and precision to appreciate all of the world’s natural beauty. 

My passions in life include softball, the Cleveland Indians, laughing, exploring, and helping others.  I’m looking forward to getting to know my new lifelong friends, exploring Chicago, and learning as much as I can about the eye.

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