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Lacey Kratzenberg, '22

My journey to optometry has been anything but conventional. It wasn’t until I was 26 years old, working in a completely unrelated career, that I realized my true passion lies in making a difference through the power of vision. Implementing such a drastic career change was a risk, but one I was willing to take because optometry is a profession unlike any other. From the extensive patient-doctor interactions to owning an impactful practice, this career is truly limitless and my perfect fit.

I am the fourth of five daughters and grew up in a suburb just outside of Columbus, Ohio. I have a passion for working out, crafting, cooking and spending time with my boyfriend, family, and friends. I also love being a fur mama to our Catahoula Cur and Tabby cat.

I am extremely eager and excited to begin optometry school at one of the top-rated colleges. I knew ICO was the place for me as soon as I walked through the doors. Initially, I was attracted to the impressive credentials, but after meeting the people who work and study there, it was an easy decision. The atmosphere is so full of energy and the passion for optometry is contagious!

Through this blog, I hope to share my unique experiences at ICO with all of you along with student life in the great city of Chicago!

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