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Rachel Shackelford

Rachel Shackelford, '23

I grew up in Clay Center, NE, a town of fewer than 1,000 people. Though I will go to Chicago more accustomed than most to the extremes of Midwestern weather, living in a city will definitely be an adjustment.


My dad is a scientist, and my mom is a teacher. The dinner table at our house was an opportunity for pop quizzes, and we usually read books together before bed. It was because of my upbringing that I love to learn and try new things. 


Family road trips to Georgia, Wyoming, Chicago 😉, and many more piqued my interest in traveling. Over the past several years, I've branched out to international travel.


My love of learning and exploring new places is what makes me so excited to start at ICO; that is what I hope to share through my posts!

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