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Lauren Aguilar

Lauren Aguilar, '22

I come to the Windy City from Music City, USA. I will be trading in my cowboy boots for snow boots as I begin my journey at ICO. While I love the city of Nashville, I’m excited to see what Chicago has to offer. The dining and entertainment scenes, along with the big city lifestyle, were big factors in my school choice and I’m looking forward to exploring as much as I can in my free time.

I did not always know I wanted to pursue optometry. I stumbled upon my interest when I took a job as a scribe at an eye disease clinic. I initially only took the job because it allowed me to move back to my hometown after college. I figured I would just work there until I figured out what I wanted to do with my life. Ironically, I found myself fascinated by the intricate details of the eye and constantly wanting to learn more.

I can’t wait to meet classmates from all over the country (and other countries) who share the same passion as me. Outside the classroom, I look forward to running on the Chicago Riverwalk, shopping the Magnificent Mile on the regular, and witnessing the Nashville Predators beat the Chicago Blackhawks on their home ice!

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