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Kashifa Ansari, '23

My love for optometry stems from my love of nature. After taking a trip to the mountains of Colorado, I was thankful for my ability to see clearly and observe the details of nature around me. There was so much perfection in how the waterfalls flowed over tiny rocks and how the trees covered the overlapping mountains under white clouds. I was awestruck. I realized that I wanted to pursue optometry to provide others with that same feeling. Every time I studied the eye during undergrad, I found myself fascinated by its intricacies and how it is a window to the health of the body. The eye, though a small part of our bodies, allows us to see beauty on the Earth.


I was born in Chicago and was raised in the suburbs. I completed my Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Accounting from Benedictine University. I chose to minor in Accounting, hoping that one day, my knowledge will help me open my own practice. Beyond studying, I enjoy trying different foods and exploring new makeup and fashion trends.


No matter how often I visit the city of Chicago, it always feels like my first time. I am so excited to be a student at ICO, where I can become an optometrist in the city I love and grew up in. I hope to share my journey with you and satisfy any curiosities you may have about what it is like to be a student at ICO!

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