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Joseph Ridenour, '20

My path to optometry started when I had a conversation with a gentleman who flat out told me that I wasn’t cut out for law school. He said I could not get a job as a lawyer in this oversaturated market. After I picked up my jaw from the floor, I asked him what his profession was. He told that he was an ophthalmologist.

We spent the next few hours discussing ophthalmology and optometry. The more we talked, the more awesome optometry sounded. I wanted to learn more, so he set me up to shadow one of his colleagues to see what a day in the life was like.

That day changed my life. I got to see and learn so much! It was more than I could have ever imagined. I decided that optometry was for me and adjusted my course from law. Thank goodness!! I finished up my history degree at Loyola University Chicago, then spent three years at Orange Coast College to complete the necessary prereqs to apply.

Worth it.

I now find myself back in Chicago pursuing this goal. From my time at Loyola, I thought I knew the city pretty well, but I was wrong. This city is huge, magnificent… I think it is exciting! I have learned so much about the eye and optometry and yet there is so much more to learn. I am looking forward to writing and sharing what I wisdom I gather as I study my way through ICO and explore Chicago.

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