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A Much-Needed Break

Ahhh, the holidays! It’s the perfect time to relax with family, eat good food, and… study?! Yep, that’s right.

We just returned on Monday from a two-week break, and although those two weeks were a much-needed break from endless exams, we are still right in the middle of winter quarter. Even though we weren’t in class for a while, the schedule doesn’t skip a beat. We’ve got two exams this week, not to mention our Optometry Lab practical looming close in the distance. This practical will encompass all the entrance testing techniques we’ve learned so far this year, and it’s timed! So although I enjoyed my break as much as possible, I did try and set aside some time here and there for a bit of studying and some necessary practice with my entrance testing equipment.

This year my family met up in Montana for a reunion Christmas. It was a blast having everyone together once again and being able to visit with my two nephews that I rarely get to see, but it made studying that much harder with so many activities and people around. In regards to the studying I wanted to accomplish over the break, I barely looked at anything. However, I did find the time to whip out my fancy equipment and give a few family members a thorough look over (check out me examining my nephew with my direct opthalmoscope, above!). Doing these tests on family members is way different than performing them on other students here. It turns out that my family has far more questions about what I’m testing for, and an ultra-sensitivity to bright lights that I suppose we students have already adapted to. All in all it was good practice for me, and even a bit of fun for the family.


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