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…and it’s CRAZY busy

So from my post earlier this quarter, I’m sure I gave you guys the impression that second year started off pretty relaxed. Don’t get me wrong, I stand by what I wrote, but things have gotten really out of hand lately.

This is what I have going on for the last two weeks of classes before finals:

  1. two practical tests (optics and optometry)

  2. get tested for TB

  3. have TB results read on a separate day, but within two days of getting the test

  4. attend PAP (Patient Advocate Program) session—i.e., observing an actual eye exam

  5. do a class presentation worth about 25 percent of our grade

  6. three exams (ocular motility, optics, pharmacology)

  7. one final (pharmacology)

  8. meeting with the faculty advisor to plan NORA (Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association) student group’s next event

  9. PCP (Patient Care Program) orientation to learn about the electronic medical record system

  10. 12 hours a week of workstudy

…and Boo Bash (our Halloween party) was right in between those two weeks. I wasn’t planning on going, but since I missed out last year, this was my attempt to have fun before finals. Can anyone recognize Danny as Oppa Gangnam Style? The DJ actually played his song, and the crowd went wild with the cheesy horse dance.

So after the party, I came home and had to do this:

I made a stack of about 100 note cards each with a drug, mechanism of action, toxicities, clinical uses, etc. I’d like to mention that it doesn’t end here, we’re supposed to retain this knowledge for winter and spring quarter (yes, it’s cumulative). For people who couldn’t find time to go to Boo Bash, I don’t blame you. I was probably rocking back and forth in fetal position soaking in self-loathing when I had to pull that all-nighter for my pharmacology exam.

So before finals begin next week, I went out to Target and bought their ENTIRE stock of orange flavored (my favorite) energy drink for the many late nights to come.

Wish me luck for finals!


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