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Cookie Time at By the Park Bakery in Chicago

What do ICO third years do during the first week of classes? Obviously, we explore the city! I finally got my bike in Chicago, and since my brother had surgery on his foot, I got to bring his bike, too. My partner in eating and I decided to bike up to Lincoln Park along the river. We had one destination: By the Park Bakery. I had walked past it previously when my mom and brother (pre-surgery) were in town. From a quick peek, I could tell we would enjoy the cookies, and planned to go back.


Lincoln Park and Greenwich Park Cookies


Hyde Park and Villa Borghese Gardens biscottis


Yosemite Park Cookie

By the Park is a cookie shop (cookies are $2.00), but they also sell bars ($3.00), and biscottis ($1.50). They offer a wide variety of teas such as masala chai and blueberry. Since it was impossible to decide which cookie to get, we decided to do one of their Walk in the Park boxes, and ordered all eight cookies for $13.00 They have similar boxes for the bars, or another box that contains all the cookies and bars for $25.00.

The cookies are called “gourmet,” and they were delicious, even though we didn’t try all of them fresh. 8 cookies in one day would be too much! Another benefit of By the Park Bakery is that they have two vegan options. One is a biscotti and the other is an Oreo bar. Our artistic third year (and vegan food critic) Jay Patel said the Oreo bar was one of the best he has ever had.


Boston Common! (It’s vegan! But it was being restocked when I was taking pictures).


Great Smoky Mountains and National Mall bar (Oreos)!

Since exams have started again, I recommend that whomever is craving a cookie, bar, or biscotti with tea and needs a study break heads up to Lincoln Park. Try one, or eight…!


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