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Fourth Year Un-awesomeness

I had an amazing time coming back to ICO as a fourth year this past quarter. The air seemed thick with respect for this impending doctor. I definitely noticed a kind of camaraderie between my class and the faculty that just further reinforced the awesomeness of fourth year. I grew even closer, if possible, to my class as well. And fall quarter’s got all kinds of fun school events that trump other quarters in my opinion (the picture above is from ICOlympics).

But as I was getting ready to leave for my next rotation, I tapped into something un-awesome. Not many bad things I can say about my life currently, but leaving Chicago sucked!

It was, in all sense of the word, bittersweet. Leaving my classmates, leaving the underclassmen, leaving the numerous friends I’ve made along the way, leaving the city that allowed me grow into the awesomeness that is the Danny you see today. It all left a bitter taste.

However, there is also a tinge of sweetness: the knowledge of moving forward. I’ve milked Chicago for all it was worth and it’s time to move on. Rotations continue. I am ecstatic to see what lies ahead at my next city: Las Vegas.

Now, if I had a phenomenal and unforgettable experience in a tiny rural town in north central Florida, which I did, you can bet that life will be nothing less than awesome at my next rotation.



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