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Fun in the First Weeks

So we successfully finished our first week of exams. I must say that it’s good that the anticipation of exams is over–now we know what to expect. We know what exams are like and we can really crack down on the studying now, because there’s no end to this madness until late October.

So far, people have been asking about how my first exams went. I have to say, they were not that bad. I have the best study technique, and whenever someone asks what it is and I tell them, it seems so obvious. My expert advice for studying, is do what you say you are doing. I know it seems ridiculous, eh? (Yes, I put that in there on purpose. I will never give up my eh!) But lots of students in fact don’t do this. They say they’re studying for optics, while they’re actually thinking about all the other stuff they have to do and study for: physiology assignment, microscopic anatomy exam prep, what will I do next weekend?

White Coat Ceremony

After White Coat Ceremony with ICO’s president, Dr. Augsburger

I’m sure we’re all guilty of this because I’ve heard people say, “Oh, I feel so guilty taking a nap” or “I feel so guilty going shopping” or something along those lines, and I used to do the exact same thing. I never understood why I studied so hard for so many hours and still never got As until my last year in undergrad. If you’re out shopping with friends, shop with your friends. Don’t feel guilty about what you’re NOT doing, otherwise you never allow yourself to take a real break and get your mind off school. And your mind relies on those breaks to refresh and unwind–they’re a necessity if you are to maintain your sanity. 

I know, I know, my study technique seems really obvious! But try it and just do what you say you’re doing, and trust that you’ve made the right choice to be doing that at the moment, whether you it’s napping, shopping, eating, doing nothing or actually studying.

Or working out. In my spare time I’ve been taking advantage of the awesome gym we have here. I’m finding that I tend to see the same people in the gym and it’s nice to finally start talking to them when they show up at class get togethers. I’ve heard some people express concern about not having time to go to the gym or to do any exercise. Well, health should be right up there in your priorities with studying, because at the end of the day, if you’ve got As across the board but you haven’t got your health, what have you got?

For those of you who are regular gym-goers, you’ll know what I mean when I say this: Every gym seems to have this area full of free weights and bars of all sizes with weird bends. I usually refer to this area as “the guy’s section,” and I never really go in there because it feels too awkward to be the only girl using heavy-duty stuff. Well, ICO’s gym is no exception, only there’s no “girls” section. So if you’ve been wanting to hit the gym but have been too intimidated, just pull up your socks and go for it.

Everyone in the gym is really friendly and willing to help–just don’t be shy about keeping those guys in line if they leave weights on their bars after they’re done lifting. When they don’t re-rack their weights, and I end up doing it, I feel so silly putting away these huge 45-lb. weights from the bench press and putting on puny 5-lb. weights! So put your stuff away already!


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