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Growing Up

This topic is quite personal to me but a major self-reflectance on myself and my experience here at ICO.

I have been struggling with what I NEED to do versus what I actually WANT to do. It’s a constant battle of “I need to get this done” and “I could lie in my bed all day” wishing that all of my responsibilities would float away. My to-do list increases more and more as the weeks go by and exams seem endless.

Despite all the struggles I encounter every now and then, I also remind myself that this is a learning and growing experience for me- one that I definitely need. I have always felt like I had the mindset of a teenager, waiting for a wake-up call to finally appear at my doorstep to become the adult that I need to be for myself. I am only 23 years old, yet I feel like I haven’t done much growing up.

Although I came to ICO with a goal in mind to become an optometrist, I also came here to do a little growing up. ICO is not only where I’m receiving a valuable education, it’s also where I am kicked in the butt if I don’t fulfill my responsibilities. This time, my responsibilities come with a price.

This is the first step to the real world now and there’s no turning back now. I can’t sit there and watch Netflix shows for hours and hours anymore or sleep whenever I feel like it. I’m here to get on top of my work and I’m here to get it done as best as I can. I’m here to shape myself to become a better individual so I can be a remarkable clinician to my future patients. If I get sick, mommy and daddy aren’t here to help me out and feed me soup in bed or buy me cold medicine. I have to get up and help myself. I have to grow up.

This phase in my life has been the most interesting one, to say the least. I am learning so much in a short amount of time, and even though it has been challenging, I’m honestly enjoying this. The changes have come at me fast but I know I am capable of handling it all. That’s why I’m here!


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