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Last Post of the Summer

At this point I have stopped feeling guilty about all the ice cream I’ve been eating–I have become addicted to this one parfait called the Zebra at our local ice cream shop. It’s vanilla soft ice cream layered with crushed Oreo bits, melted white chocolate and hot fudge. Hopefully I will be able to find something as good in Chicago that can be my go-to when I have a craving, or just for a treat during a study break.

I have been spending as many weekends as possible out at the cottage. The summers in Winnipeg are short enough as it is, let alone the fact that I will be leaving halfway through it. The cottage is the best place for a long walk along the trans-Canada trail, or just to the campground store for a Saturday newspaper.

Breakfast out with my parents is my usual Saturday morning routine and I am very sad to be giving this up. This will be a huge change for me; coming from living in my own home with my own backyard and my own kitchen to cook in, to communally shared everything and a double room with a shared bathroom.

I had last week off and spent it at the zoo, the St. Boniface museum, shopping and finishing up the packing. I left my house last week and set the GPS for Minneapolis, with intentions of stopping at the Mall of America to buy a few dressy pieces to my wardrobe for orientation and clinic days.


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