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There Are No Secrets in Optometry School

Direct Ophthalmoscopy


After five months, I realized that you end up having to divulge a lot of information about yourself in optometry school and in turn, you learn a lot about your fellow classmates. Sometimes, you find out more than you thought you needed to know, like how your TA has congenital cataracts or how that classmate over there has a family history of diabetes. Oftentimes, you’ll learn a great deal more about yourself too. I learned that I have superficial punctate keratitis (SPK), aka those “scaly-looking things,” because of dry eye.

Right now, I may not know the intimate details of all 158 of my classmates, like what they like to do in their spare time, what music they like to listen to or what their dog’s name is, but I do know their distance prescription, which contact lens solution they use, and that they’re allergic to strawberries. There are really no secrets in optometry school, and when you’re going to spend the next four years with the same group of people, you’re bound to learn more as time goes by.


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