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A City of Standards

I recently attended a baseball game at Wrigley Field. The Cubs were playing the Tigers. As I was at the game, I realized the standard of professional sports that Chicago has established for itself. Being from Michigan, I got a similar experience in Detroit.

I grew up going to Tigers games. I attended my first game before I could walk. This was when the Tigers still played at Tiger Stadium. As I got older, the Pistons were always great to watch, too (at least up until circa 2005.) I also got into hockey recently, and went to my first Red Wings game this past winter. While historically, the Detroit Lions haven’t had as much success as the Wings have, things seem to be picking up for the team. Also, there is nothing as traditional as watching the Lions (usually lose) on Thanksgiving Day.

Needless to say, professional sporting events are a someone significant part of my life. Call me spoiled, but I’m used to living in a state that provides good professional teams. After moving to Chicago, I have realized that this city is able to cater to those expectations.

For basketball, the Bulls have soaked up a lot more media attention since acquiring Derek Rose. I think I speak for all Bulls fans when I say I have high expectations for the team in the near future. For hockey, the Blackhawks have clearly made a name for themselves. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they won another cup during the remainder of my time at ICO. For American league baseball, you probably won’t ever find me cheering for the White Sox, but the stadium is too close to the school for me not to attend a game. For National league baseball, attending a Cubs game at Wrigley Field is just about as classic as you can get when it comes to sports. They are one of two teams left in the MLB (the other team being the Boston Red Sox) that are still playing at the same ball park where the team originated. As for football, the Bears are another team that you probably won’t find me cheering for, but, again, Soldier Field is so close to the school the chances of me not attending a game during my time at ICO is slim to none.

Regardless of where your loyalty lies, you can still come to Chicago and not be disappointed with the performance or atmosphere of the game. You can’t argue with the sporting opportunities available in this city. Whatever standard you have when it comes to sports, a Chicago team will reach it. The history is rich with each of the teams and so is the success. This, of course, is on top of all the other entertainment, cultural, and musical opportunities that are also available in this city. If you want to attend a quality sporting event, Chicago is the place to be.


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