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A Heartfelt Welcome to ICO

Orientation has come and gone, but boy, what an experience. I honestly do not know the expectations I had coming into orientation. I thought they would just tell us all about our classes, how hard they would be, and just how much we would be studying. Believe me, we definitely had a talking to about that… but it was so much more!

We had so many different speakers come and talk to us. I felt very professional as all of these contact lens and diagnostic tool manufactures came in. They encouraged us to try new things and buy the equipment that would soon become a big part of our life. Although I didn’t know much of what they were saying, I became excited about what was ahead. I started to realize that all my hard work up to this point has paid off.  I also tried to put into perspective just how much I will learn in my next four years. I am on a whole new journey to become a doctor.

As a class of over 160, we have already met friends that we will keep for a lifetime. It was so fun to meet everyone and find out where they came from. I still can’t believe some people moved in with just two suitcases full of stuff while I had two cars full! Oops….

Anyways, I started to feel what an honor it is to be representing this school. As I was meeting all of these kind-hearted people, I realized we were all here for the same reason. We all have one goal in mind, which is to become the best doctor we can be. We are all teammates in my head at this time. We’re here to help each other succeed.

With that said, it was absolutely awesome to go out and explore the city at night and on our last day of orientation. We went on the Navy Pier architecture tour of the city and it was fascinating to find out some of Chicago’s history. I would have never guessed some of the things that happened within that beautiful skyline.

Exploring the city is definitely an added bonus to this school. There is always going to be a new food or drink to try, the finding of a new favorite restaurant, and of course, something to do. I am lucky enough that I was able to catch a Cubs game already! I’m sure I will be taking advantage of the different activities the city offers when I need some time to unwind from studying.

I cannot exactly put into words my excitement that I have as I begin this program with some new forever friends. However, I can express how encouraging and honest everyone has been up to this point. What I took from orientation is that I will be studying a lot, but not too much to have some fun every now and again!


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