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A Piece of Boston in Chicago- Go Pats!

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you know I’m from New England (and clearly pretty proud of it). So, seeing as my team was in the Super Bowl this year, of course I wanted to find a great place in the city to watch the game. Most people around here are Bears or Packers fans (both with little love for the Pats and Brady.) Lucky for me, I was able to find a little piece of home right here in Chicago to cheer on all of my New England teams.

Last year, when I was trying to find a location to watch my alma mater play Notre Dame, (go UMass!) I stumbled upon my new favorite bar in Chicago. It’s a small place right off of the brown line called Tripoli Tap. The place is completely decorated in New England, Boston, and UMass gear. I mean, they even have a giant Patriots flag flying at the front! I had a blast watching UMass play there, but the Super Bowl was a whole other level.

I guess I sort of expected the bar to be half full- I mean how many New England fans are in Chicago? Boy, was I wrong. The place was overflowing with Pats jerseys and Boston accents. I loved it. It’s the perfect place to watch any New England game, especially one as full of emotion as this Super Bowl. Best place to cheer on the best Super Bowl comeback ever! I’ll definitely be heading back for the next big game soon.


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