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A Summer To-Do List

It was a mere three weeks ago that I donned a black cap and gown and walked across the stage to receive my bachelor’s degree in health science from Purdue University. After the ceremony, unlike most of my friends who were going off to work salaried jobs in various parts of the country, I didn’t have those post-grad blues. While my degree represented everything I had worked for as an undergrad, I knew it also represented the new journey I’m starting as part of ICO’s class of 2018!

I think I speak for everyone in my entering class when I say IS IT AUGUST 6 YET?! I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for summer. I know I really should relish in these rare three months of free time with no classes and no responsibility, but I can’t help but look ahead to this fall when all the madness begins. No, I’m obviously not PUMPED to stay up until 3 a.m. cramming exam material or waking up early for lectures or being forever lost in biochemistry (again), but think of all the stuff there is to be excited about: meeting new people, the RC, being in clinic, THE CITY.

But okay. I can’t get ahead of myself. It’s only the beginning of the summer. I’m lucky enough to be incredibly free this summer (minus the few shifts a week I picked up at my old retail job), so that raises the question: What am I going to do fill the remaining two months until I move in?

To my fellow classmates who are also wondering this, here are my tips on how to fill your summer with worthwhile activities while anxiously awaiting the next 4 years of your life.

1. Work out I can’t help but think working out will go to the bottom of my priority list during my first year. Making a simple work out routine for this summer will at least help me be in a healthy frame of mind when I enter ICO. Whether it’s running in the morning, yoga, a 10-minute ab circuit, or just going on evening walks with my parents, I’m trying to do SOMETHING active at least once a day.

2. Netflix, TiVo, HBO GO I’m taking advantage of these study-free, homework-free, committment-free months to get caught up on TV shows I’ve been meaning to watch. There are a lot of great series to get into right now and with all the streaming and recording capabilities, it’s so easy to get addicted. Currently watching House of Cards, The Bachelorette, Veep and Last Comic Standing (an old favorite).

3. Chicago Sports Living in the Chicago suburbs I’m very familiar with the words “Go Cubs, go” and even more familiar with the words “There’s always next year.” No matter how they’re doing, I love to watch the Cubs and I was actually kinda getting into watching the Blackhawks (fair weather fan, admittedly). I usually get to Wrigley two or three times per summer, but even on days when I’m not at Clark and Addison it’s nice to flip on the TV in the background. Chicago sports are always a good excuse to go the bar, grab a beer and (kinda) watch the game.

4. Travel to visit a friend Since all my college friends are running around like crazy trying to get their young-professional careers started and I’m the free one this summer, it’s my responsibility to stay in touch. One of my best friends is moving to New York and another is moving to Philadelphia. Hmmm, maybe a trip to the East Coast in July? I’ll probably never have such a free summer again, so I want to take advantage and go see people I love.

5. BE OUTSIDE Not an easy thing to a say for a girl who hates bug spray and swimming pools, and is pretty much the epitome of “indoorsy.” However, after the brutal winter we had, I’m actually excited to get out in the fresh warm air! I’ve even just thought about helping my dad with yard work this afternoon!  Not that I’m actually doing so… but at least I thought about it.


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