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A Sunny Day at Dose Market

Once a month, the River East Art Center fills with crowds in search of new culinary, art and fashion experiences. All this occurs at Dose Market, a monthly offering that showcases about 50 local businesses to event-goers. These business may be new and using the market as their debut vehicle, or they may be established and increasing their exposure to tastemakers and everyday girls and guys. I heard about Dose several months ago and finally decided to check it out this past Sunday. And thankfully, the weather was beautiful and sunny!

In the days leading up to Sunday, the Dose website was constantly updated with new and enticing info that fueled my anticipation. For one thing, a new French bakery was debuting at the market. Macarons are my favorite and I was sold.


My friend Lana joined me, and we ventured to Dose for lunch and exploration. Upon walking into the market, a tray of macarons floated over to us. Booths with clothing, purses and jewels were mixed in with vendors selling sliders, jams and three-course meals. Endless drinks were free, and though I don’t drink alcohol, the mixologist from Femme du Coupe mixed me a drink with their blueberry lavender Le Sirop, lemon juice and water, which made for a delicious refresher. We satisfied our sweet tooth with Bon Macaron and chose some amazing aromatic soaps from Real Soaps. We devoured shrimp spring rolls by Embeya and delighted in a slew of offerings from Peerless Bread & JamChocolate for the SpiritFrittle Candy, and then checked out an exhibit hosted by ACRE. Our day at the market was captured at a Spring Fever Photobooth that was hosted by my friend Emma Arnold of Trés Awesome Events and came complete with floral crowns, pins and bouquets.





To enter Dose Market, tickets cost $10 at the door or $8 purchased in advance online. If you decide to swing by the next Dose coming May 12, go with an open mind, ready for a different and new experience. The market opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 4 p.m., but go earlier in the day rather than later!



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