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Trying not to eat my M&M chips during a serious match of border Bingo!

Trying not to eat my M&M chips during a serious match of border Bingo!

This last Wednesday, the RC held a bingo competition with some pretty sweet prizes. Quite a few fellow students and I showed up at the Lecture Center ready to go, with our game faces on and bingo chips at the ready. You may be asking yourself, what would motivate grad students to congregate back in a classroom to play such a game? The prizes, of course! This was brown bag bingo, meaning the winners each received a grocery bag packed full of the snacks and treats we crave while studying. Oreos, candy bars, Starbucks energy drinks, M&M’s and two-pound bags of Twizzlers were but a few of the fabulous contents. Making things even better, as the last bag was claimed, organizers announced that $10 Target gift cards would be the next round of prizes!

The games were heated, with much commotion and bantering from the crowd–I would assume it was just as intense as your local senior center on certain nights. As the bags were joyously won, the competition got even more fierce, and different versions of bingo were employed to extend the gaming experience. Four-corners, cross-shaped, X-shape, only the border, you name it, we played it! With so many people there, the marker chips were in high demand, forcing a few of us to use some of the victors’ spoils as chips. Let me tell you, it was hard playing with M&M’s without eating them straight off the game card. I didn’t end up winning, but my roommate Josh snagged a bag of goodies (pictured above, right, along with Jesus), which we all know becomes half mine by default!  All in all, it was a fun way to take a break from all the studying and enjoy some candy among great company.


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