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Burger Point

One of the main food groups is hamburgers, right? Well, a few third years (shout out to Natalie Raies) found a brand new favorite burger place right in South Loop (1900 S State St, Chicago, IL 60616). Burger Point has amazing grass-fed burgers, turkey burgers, and veggie burgers (however, I cannot tell you how those taste). They have build-your-own burgers and near-unlimited amounts of specialty burgers. Some of these have avocado, bacon, and cheese. Others have wasabi garlic. You can choose different types of buns, but I think the favorite is the pretzel bun.

Burger Point doesn’t just have burgers, they also have wings with a bunch of different sauces. There’s a wide variety of fries, but they may be too salty for some. You can choose from truffle fries, old bay fries, cheese fries, etc. They also have chili and sweet potato fries.

Burger Point takes a unique spin on burgers, and it definitely will make your taste buds explode. It is probably a spot you have to check out once a month since they have rotating specials. No one I know has had a bad experience, so you will probably run into one or two people from ICO when you do go!


Did I mention they deliver?


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