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Chicago Restaurants: Michigan Avenue Edition

Chicago’s Michigan Avenue is famously home to the Magnificent Mile, the city’s toniest shopping strip. Go five miles south on Michigan and you’ll find ICO. Something else you’ll find: a plethora of great restaurants. Below, four of my favorite dining experiences on the Windy City’s best-known street.


My highlight of 2014 so far was a trip to Waffles! It’s a delicious retro-style diner just over two miles from campus in the South Loop. From campus, hop on the #4 bus headed north and you shall be there in about five to 10 minutes, closer to five. I ordered the red velvet waffles (served with an unbelievably good whipped cream cheese topping), and my friend had the Mexican chocolate waffles. Unfortunately I didn’t ask my friend for a bite so I can’t tell you how the Mexican chocolate waffles tasted, but it’s worth a trip back for the red velvet waffles alone! When I went on a recent Saturday morning, there was no wait–a nice surprise. And, the service was great.


I know, not everyone loves waffles. If you’re looking for a more traditional–and equally delicious–breakfast experience, head to Yolk. There are four locations throughout the city, including one just a few blocks north of Waffles. Because I was lucky enough to visit Yolk during the week, I again didn’t have to wait for a table. As you might have guessed, I love breakfast. I’d eat breakfast for dinner any day!


Just in case breakfast isn’t your favorite meal to eat out, I’ve been able to eat dinner at quite a few restaurants in Chicago, too. One of the most memorable was Kurah, another South Loop spot. This Mediterranean restaurant serves tapas in an intimate setting. Our waiter encouraged us to order the bacon-wrapped dates, which really sounded strange to me. I wasn’t sold until I tried one–sometimes flavours that one wouldn’t complement each other actually taste amazing together. (Another combo that comes to mind is olives and white chocolate. Try it!) Here’s a tip I’ve heard from frequent restaurant-goers: If something on the menu sounds really weird, it’s usually on there because it’s really good.

Further north, in Millennium Park right by the Bean, is the Park Grill. It’s a really nice restaurant with a wide range of menu choices, including ribs, steak, fish and pasta. Although it’s a bit more fancy than your typical restaurant, they do an awesome burger! The bill for the two, including drinks, came to about $80, but it was well worth it and I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone. The service was excellent and we didn’t feel rushed at all. During the winter months you can even skate off your meal at the McCormick Tribune Ice Rink, located right outside the restaurant.


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