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Unbelievably, five weeks have already gone by here. In no time at all, half of our first quarter is over and honestly, it feels like it was only a few days ago that I arrived at ICO and just yesterday when I received my white coat.

With eight quizzes behind us and dozens more to come, I’m glad to say that I’ve almost found my stride here. Over the past weekend, I had my first observation in clinic. Wearing white brought back all the merry memories from White Coat Ceremony and the new sense of purpose it gave us.

I woke up early and eager the day of the ceremony. Though I’d skipped brunch, I wasn’t feeling hungry before the 1:30 p.m. event—just excited. An hour before our time to line up, I pulled out the violet pencil skirt I had set aside and began to get prepared. I paired it with a favorite cream button-down and a perfume bottle-printed scarf. Once my RC suite-mates and I were dressed and ready, we crossed the short divide between home and school and entered into a sea of smiling faces. The collective excitement we felt while waiting in line was evident by the way we chatted animatedly and teetered back and forth on our heels. Though it was just a few minutes, it seemed like a longer before we filed into the hall. Moments later, it all began.

From beginning to end, I remember simply being happy. It was amazing to be seated among a stellar group of colleagues and thrilling to hear my name called and be coated on stage.

White Coat Ceremony was a day to truly start the journey and one I doubt I’ll forget.


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