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Most of the time I dread dispensing, I’ll be honest. Not because it’s not enjoyable or anything like that, but because I’m one of the lucky few that has it scheduled at just the right time. I dispense right before a really difficult exam, so those are valuable study hours that I have to spend dispensing instead. I enjoy interacting with patients, but I’m always worried out about not putting my all into studying. That feeling usually goes away once I’m actually at the Illinois Eye Institute’s Fait Family Eyewear Center, though. It makes me happy to see patients, especially the adorable little kids that come visit us to get their first pair of glasses.

Since it takes a couple hours for an eye exam, and everyone starts and finishes around the same time, patients generally show up in sudden rushes. So as student clinicians, we watch the front desk like a hawk and help each patient as they come in order of their arrival time. When there aren’t any patients, we perform lensometry to check glasses prescriptions, and make sure that the glasses aren’t defective before we call them in to pick up their glasses.

When we don’t have patients, we are allowed to study, and some of us do. However, I find it difficult to do so, since I’m  distracted  every few minutes and have to keep an eye out for patients, answer the phone etc in between. We do everything from choosing the right frame that suits the patient’s visual needs, to repairs, orders, measurements etc.

Tools for any glasses repairs we have to do. It becomes an art when we have to come up with creative ways to fix certain frames that are really warped out of shape.

Where the glasses are all kept, in alphabetical order.

In between the rushes of patients, I had time to talk to the opticians about the most interesting frames that they have ever sold. I present to you these awesome babie

According to the opticians, there really are frames for everybody here. All different kinds for all different tastes.

Fun fact: ICO students, faculty and staff get 40 percent off frame and lenses! I’ve asked the opticians, and apparently many current students don’t even know we have this perk.

Yes, students get 40 percent off even on the Tiffany frames

Of course, aside from patients, I must also mention that we have wonderful opticians who are always here to help. I’m sure we make enough mistakes (especially while we’re new) to get on their nerves, but they’ve always been patient with me and I never felt bad asking them questions. So while I’m tired and drained from learning and thinking about how I should be studying, I’m glad I have these people here to help me and guide me.

Sherry is our friendly manager at the eyewear center. I stress friendly, because she’s got a great sense of humor, and is so willing to help.

That’s all for today, folks, wish me luck on finals!

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