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Exploring Restaurants and More in Chicago’s West Loop

Most cities have their share of great restaurants scattered throughout. It was the atmosphere of Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood that drew me to explore it. Conveniently located right off the CTA Green Line, it’s hard not to find something you’ll enjoy. This neighborhood is home to some of Chicago’s most famous restaurants including Girl and the Goat and Au Cheval. Additionally, a recent food trend has sent people flocking to this area in search of some over-the-top hot chocolate and donuts at Bombobar.

Now, all this is great, but what really interested me about this area is the history. When you first hop off the train, you wouldn’t necessary expect to find high end restaurants around. West Loop used to be the meatpacking and storage area of Chicago. It was when a few chefs decided to open restaurants in the area that it started to bloom. Since then, tech companies and art galleries have moved in, creating a sought-after residential atmosphere.

Everywhere you turn, there are stylish spots with a wide variety. We found a barbecue place that looks like it fell straight from Nashville. Then, we stumbled upon a hidden basement ramen spot. In order to compete here, restaurants need to give it their all. From the decoration to the food, everything is set to impress.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to check out West Loop, I highly recommend it. Step away from the school and go explore!


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