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Farewell to Boards

Some weeks ago, the fateful Part II boards score release day arrived. Anxiety took over. Then, relief set in. Viewing my results for Part II was just like it had been for I and III. I nervously clicked from the login page to the scores page, then peeked between my fingers to glimpse my marks in tiny print on a large grid.

NBEO Part II reminded me of that little OAT exam we all took before entering ICO. In small groups on our own chosen day, we sat for the test at one of multiple test centers. When I arrived to my Michigan Avenue test center, I signed in and nervously waited along with my colleagues- some familiar, some not.

The exam was administered on computers and divided into two parts. The break in between could be up to an hour or as short as desired. I recall taking my time eating my lunch with no desire to return… but of course, I had to.

During the test, there were several glitches. The first time my computer crashed, I had a mini heart attack. Were all my answers gone? Thankfully, my exam had just frozen; my answer selections were safe. Every other time my computer spazzed, I brushed it off. Some six, seven, or maybe it was eight total hours later, it was all over.

Because of the glitches – some apparently worse than others – NBEO offered free retakes in January and April that would forfeit the December score. To retest or not to retest? Without being able to even see how we initially did, I decided to wait. In case I needed to retake, I could retest in April for free.

Now that the Parts I, II and III have come and gone, it is more official than ever. I’m done with all my studies and optometric examinations.  All that stands between me and graduation is a few more months of clinical rotations!


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