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Fourth to First Year- Looking Back

To tell you the truth, these past four years have been some of the most challenging in my entire life. Filled with many late nights, early mornings, and stressful weeks, it sometimes felt like graduation would never come. But here I am- in my last week as a student doctor and only steps away from becoming Dr. Capri.

Although there are many optometry schools to choose from (and the number keeps growing,) I am lucky to have ended up at ICO. I was able to earn a top notch clinical education, explore new parts of the US, and become involved in many aspects of optometry outside of the classroom. I fed my curiosity in business, politics, and research through involvement in events such as ARVO, the Private Practice Club, and AOA. I have traveled from Hawaii to DC to Vancouver and more for continuing education with the support of ICO.

Optometry is so much more than “1 or 2.” I am glad that my first-year self realized that and took advantage of what ICO has to offer. For anyone starting out or considering ICO, my message is this: I am happy. I am leaving feeling prepared to step forward from student doctor to resident, and I am excited for what comes next. If you learn and explore throughout your time in school, then looking back, you’ll feel ready to take on the next challenge, too.


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