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From Exams to Jams

I pressed “submit” on my screen and let out one big breath. That had been the final exam for my winter quarter of first year. I couldn’t have been more relieved to get out of my seat and grab a bite to eat at the ICO Cafeteria. It felt good knowing my next meal after this was going to be at home.

I said my goodbyes to my friends at school and, before I knew it, found myself back in Toronto having dinner with my family. My parents’ food tasted better than I'd remembered. I told them I was going to head out with my older brother. We go out for night time cruises often, and since the weather permitted, it was one of those nights.

We took a moment to catch up on everything we’d been missing out on in each other’s lives while we’d been apart; it’s always a good feeling to tell your loved ones that they have nothing to worry about. I thought about how I got through winter quarter just fine without any unnecessary stress or worry. I knew spring quarter was going to be even better.

The feeling of home really came to me when I sat with my parents and talked about my childhood. I love showing my parents that I’m growing into the type of person they’ve always strived to bring out of me. I told them about all the things I'm learning in school, like retinoscopy, and the experiences I'm going through, like meeting new colleagues and patients at the IEI. The thought of me growing up is something that never fails to entertain them; their son is really on his way to becoming a doctor.

I went upstairs to chill with my little brother. He shared with me some new music that he’s been listening to. It’s an occasional ritual where my brother and I jam out to some tracks before I head off into my room for the night.

I finally laid back in my bed, satisfied with the way my day turned out. That’s another quarter checked off at ICO, and it couldn’t have gone any better. I went to sleep in excitement for what’s to come- both during my week off and at optometry school.


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