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Future Practice Inspiration

As I walk around Chicago exploring many new places and trying out new restaurants, I gather a lot of ideas in my head that I hope to one day implement into my future career setting. I may be a little too ambitious right now but a girl can dream, right? I mean, who knows what I will actually be doing after I graduate optometry school?

None of my family members are optometrists so I can’t just hop in and start working with someone I’m related to. What that really means is that I’ll have to prove to others that I will be a beneficial person to their practice or to those who plan on helping me open up my own practice. It really is another ball park out there after graduation, but I hope one day I’m able to own and operate my own business and practice. Here are a few places that I have noted in my mind while exploring Chicago that have inspired me to create and design my “future” practice setting.

One of my hobbies is designing graphics so this place struck out to me the most. Whoever put all of the branding together for Owen + Alchemy really had me going. When you walk into this small shop that sells cold-pressed juices, there is so much going on yet it’s all very simple. Who knew someone could make the color black look more hip and soothing than it already was? The branding for Owen + Alchemy is something I would like to implement into my future practice. Owen + Alchemy use black and gold as their main colors which they use heavily inside their store, in their logo, and all of their promotional material (business cards, menus, etc.).

I am definitely a huge Star Wars nerd, so this coffee shop caught me off guard when the whole place was decorated with plentiful amounts of Star Wars-related things. If you are to step into my future practice, don’t be surprised if I have a Stormtrooper photograph hung up on the wall or way too many Star Wars artifacts lying around. I’ll channel my inner Star Wars nerd for everyone to see in my practice. Maybe patients might even think I’m cooler because of this fact… we’ll see!

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I am a huge advocate for any place with wood interior and exterior. Wooden features make a place look modern and welcoming. This would suit my business style a bit more than having a regular store front because I am always finding ways to make things look more “modern” to the public. When I am walking around the city, stores that utilize wood catch my attention more than others. The details of wood not only provide a minimalistic effect, but are also vibrant to look at.

If I do end up opening up my own practice and am able to implement any of these ideas, I will be one happy individual. I want to provide a practice that will make patients feel welcomed and not dreadful to be at the eye doctor’s office. I believe little ideas like these can help change the mindset of patients when they step into my “future” practice. They will absolutely help make the eye doctor visit a more pleasant experience.


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