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Getting the hang of ICO

Where am I going to study? Should I take notes on my computer? Which desk drawer should I put my highlighters in? Do I workout in the morning or at night? OH GOSH, WHICH SEAT DO I WANT?

It didn’t occur to me when I decided to go to ICO last fall that I would have to “get the hang of it.” When uprooting your life to come live in a new city, take new classes at a new school with new professors, there is certainly a lot to think about. From the second I moved into the Residential Complex last week, I have been making mini decisions that will effect the next year of my life.

Home Sweet Home. I am definitely a nester by nature. I unpacked and set up my room as quickly as I could because I couldn’t wait for it to feel more homey. While unpacking I had to think about things like finding a place for school supplies, underwear, extra towels and picture frames. It’s not like there’s a lack of storage space in the RC, I just had to ask myself, “Am I sure this is where I want to put this for the next nine months?” I mean, I know I can always change it’s spot, but I guess I like being dramatic.

Seat Envy. Speaking of dramatic, is there a harder decision than picking out your lecture seat? There are pros and cons to being upfront and way back in the back. I felt like the seat you pick on the first day says something about you, both to your fellow classmates and to your professor. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say yet, so I chose a seat in the middle. (Close enough to pay attention but far enough away that I can still text…)

Where would Goldilocks study? In undergrad I studied so seldomly that I didn’t really have a set study routine. Now that we are reviewing our notes so often and for hours at a time, I think it’s important that I love how and where I study. There are so many options it’s almost as overwhelming as the lecture seats! Both my roommates are room studiers, but that’s not for me. Some people are into group studying, others alone. There are study cubicals in the RC and plenty of tables in the library. I think finding what fits for me will be kind of a Goldilocks experience…too quiet, too loud, too social, just right.

My life at ICO is going to be amazing, I can already tell. But the thing about starting a new chapter is that everything is just that: NEW! There’s a lot to get used to and a lot of little things we have to decide before we settle into a groove. The second, third and forth years make it look so effortless to be an ICO student, but I know they were once in our position trying to carve out their routines. With just a little bit of time and evaluation, I’m sure I’ll get the hang of ICO. I can only hope that one day a first year will look at me and think I’M an effortless ICO student!


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