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Greenery and Warmth

Without books to be studied and boards to prep for, I spend most of my newfound leisure time exploring my beloved city and delving deeper into its hidden gems. On an off morning or a free evening, I revisit some of my favorite spots or check out new ones that come up on my radar.


Garfield Park Conservatory. I especially love visiting now. It’s so warm in the greenhouse that the cold weather outside is easily forgotten.

The conservatory is a large space divided into rooms housing various plant collections. These rooms include the Desert House, Android House, Children’s Garden, Fern Room, Palm House, and at the heart is the Show House. The rooms change up from year to year. Right now, the conservatory is home to the artistic works of the Luftwerk group with a five installations collectively called Solarise. The installations are pretty cool and allow us to observe the interactions between nature, lights, colors, mirrors, and more.



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