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Help Me(usic) Help You!

As the school year is fast approaching, and in light of all the horrific things happening in the world right now, sometimes there is the need to escape. Just for a moment, it’s nice to forget where you are, or perhaps reminisce on a different point in time. This can be a favorite memory, the smell of a childhood food or first rain as it hits a dusty ground, particular scenery you will never forget, or a fun trip with family and friends.

One way to find that peace in our hearts is through music. As all the new coming students of ICO are preparing for the move and start of school, I thought I might share with you a summer playlist I created.

…but before I do, did you know? Music not only helps alleviate stress, it also enhances cognitive abilities.

A few fun facts:

  1. Listening to music has the power to reduce stress levels when the purpose of listening to it is for “relaxation” (1). This will come in handy during those stressful exam periods at ICO.

  2. It is recommended that music without lyrics be listened to during work, as it leads to the highest level of attention and focus (2).

  3. Playing background music while studying helps with relaxation and concentration. However, that can depend on mood; being happy or bored can determine if background music is helpful (3). Sometimes, though, music may interfere with studying; it seems to be a subjective preference. What are your study habits? Do you like listening to music while studying/working? If so, what type of music?

  4. Musical skills can also enhance non-musical abilities such as mathematics (4), visuospatial performance (5), as well as verbal and non-verbal proficiencies (6).

Let me know if you’d like to learn more about the connection between music and the vision world! 🙂

Here is the summer playlist I created on my personal YouTube channel. It includes a variety of genres to fit everyone- 80s, funk, electronic dance, oldies, indie, and much more. I hope it takes you back in time, and gets you pumped for all the exciting experiences to come! Enjoy.

GB- Imagine. Inspire. Improvise.



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