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Hindsight: I can see clearly now

We all had ideas of what we wanted to be when we grew up: doctor, astronaut, or ballerina. As a young person, you set out to achieve that goal. So, what happens when you get there and you realize it’s not what you wanted to do?

There are pivotal moments in life that just speak out to you. You look back on these memories and realize that, had you picked one path instead of the other, things would have turned out very differently. I had many of these moments looking back in my life.

I began my college and professional career as an engineer. I was involved in several school projects that should have told me sooner I would be entering into the world of optometry. I took a class to help design products and their human interactions. We studied visual stimulation and it lit a spark. I realized I had an interest in the human eye. I also participated in an undergraduate research project that allowed me to shadow physicians. I remember thinking at the time how lucky they were to work with people and help manage care.

I recall the first week I started my job and asked one of my co-workers for an optometrist recommendation. He gave me the name of a family friend who had a fantastic practice in town. The rest is history. I couldn’t stop thinking about optometry.

In hindsight, here is one of my favorite moments. This is a picture of me after graduating college as an engineer:

Nina's graduations 2011 058

What if we actually listened to those crucial moments in our lives and went with them? It would make tough journeys much easier. Don’t wait for hindsight. Don’t be afraid to let those moments lead you now, not later. You never know where you can end up!

It is very fitting that I will be entering into the class of 20/20. Hindsight definitely got the last word in.


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