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ICO in Denmark

In order to celebrate the completion of my third year of optometry school, I decided to take a solo trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. Studying for boards wasn’t much fun, and between that and working multiple jobs, I figured it was time I treated myself.

The trip was somewhat spontaneous but definitely worth it. I am lucky that my first rotation is in Chicago. I didn’t have to spend my only week off in-between quarters moving, and could actually travel with the free time.

I would highly recommend Copenhagen, especially if you are looking for a place to go as a solo female traveler. Everything about the city was beautiful and everyone I met seemed simply happy- a nice pick-me-up after the month I had just endured. As the birthplace of the story The Little Mermaid, the city is located right along the water. It hosts colorful canals, historic buildings and castles, and parks filled with fountains and gardens. Officially one of my favorite cities!

As I walked around, I also noticed a few opticals. Just like my recent trips to England and Spain, I became curious about what optometry is like in Denmark, too.

According to the Danish Business Authority, “If you wish to work as an Optometrist in Denmark, you must have an authorization issued by the Danish Patient Safety Authority.” Similar to the UK and most of the EU, optometry in Denmark is a bachelors degree completed in four years. Additionally, the scope of practice is more limited than in the US or UK. Optometry is unable to prescribe any medication or refer directly to hospitals, unlike in the US.

On a different note, however, students are actually paid for their work at school instead of having to pay for school like we do in the states.

No wonder Denmark has been named one of the happiest countries in the world. I can’t wait to go back. Next stop: Holland!


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