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It’s the Little Things that Matter

While an optometry student at ICO, you learn to appreciate the little things that may otherwise be taken for granted. For example:

Your bed! We are all familiar with all-nighters. The level of concentration and commitment an optometry student has to keep throughout the school year can, at times, be draining. The one thing you’re looking forward to at the end of the day is getting some sleep in your cozy bed.

The sundeck at the RC. Since most days you will find yourself indoors at the RC, library, cafeteria, lab, or in class, looking up at those blue skies and noticing the trees and greenery around you will suddenly become a breath of fresh air. The sundeck is an awesome place to recharge!

Power naps and lots of snacks. Having multiple exams per week is not easy. You may find yourself having to study non-stop, and even though your mind can keep on going, your eyes might not necessarily allow you to. Take those 10 minute power naps followed by an energizing snack to keep you going!

The weekend. Whether you prefer to go out and enjoy the city, stay in and watch a movie, or just sleep in a little and relax, those two glorious days are like mini vacations from school. For two days, you can finally catch up on everything you’ve left behind.

Prolonged laughter with your friends. You will hear this conversation frequently in the halls of ICO: “How are you today?” “Tired.” Sometimes, the lack of sleep may lead you to do or say very funny things, creating a moment of pure laughter with your friends. The following encounters may or may not have actually happened: trying to open your mailbox with your room keys, or asking for a tomato and banana smoothie at the cafeteria instead of strawberry and banana smoothie.

Video Calls. Can you imagine if the only means to communicate with your families and friends back home was through letters in a bottle? What would we do without FaceTime? Even if you only have 1-5 minutes to speak with your family, you learn to appreciate those few moments of love and support… no matter what grade you received on that last exam.

And finally…

Online shopping!!! Thanks Amazon, Peapod, and Target for supplying us with basically everything during those days we didn’t have time to actually go grocery shopping. Thank you, Internet!

Wishing all students of ICO good luck in the next quarter,

GB- Imagine. Inspire. Improvise


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