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Making the Most of Summer

The summer between first and second years is the only one ICO students have off from school and I plan on making the very most of it. As first year was coming to an end, I noted a few different things that I wanted to do, like travel to somewhere I’ve never been and read a great new novel. It’s been a while since I’ve read a page-turner and so I’m on the lookout for a great summer read or two. In addition to the bullets on my to-do list, my calendar is speckled with events and priorities that I’m excited for. Between numerous weddings on my calendar, dozens of fashion soirées that keep popping up, films I’m watching (can’t wait to see “Man of Steel”) and that trip to NY I’m coveting, I’m hoping this summer is great and that its memory will soothe the wound of its future loss. OK, that’s a bit melodramatic.

Bridal Shower

The first few weeks of summer vacation were beautifully relaxing. I spent my days catching up and spending time with my family and friends. Early during break, I headed to Indiana for a three-day mini vacation with friends. We were there to finalize preparations for and celebrate love at a bridal shower honoring Reham, my ICO classmate and bestie. We made a number of themed decorations and desserts including cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, and chocolate-covered pretzels and strawberries the day before. And when the day came, we got ready together and danced the night away. The bridal shower was just a week into summer, but it was so nice to see the faces of some ICO friends we were already starting to miss.

Back in Chicago, I attended a delicious event with old and new friends that gave me a sugar high for days.The event was the launch party of Piccolo Desserts, a catering business started by Abeer, a friend of mine from high school. We mingled, danced, and delighted in novel desserts like cake truffles and dessert shooters, making for such a sweet evening. I wrote up a mini-interview with my friend about her delectable venture.


During a weekend, I trekked downtown for an annual event hosted by SELF Magazine called Workout in the Park. Hundreds of women passionate about health attend this fitness extravaganza in Grant Park. My friend Athkar and I went for the first time and we loved everything about it. This year marked the event’s 20th anniversary and featured dozens of workout routines and goodies sponsored by countless companies. We learned new workout trends and techniques, delighted in healthy but yummy food and were pampered with facials and massages. There were also games that we played to win gift cards, T-shirts and products. We plan on participating in each year–if only it didn’t leave us sore the next day!


This past weekend, I visited Minnesota for the traditional Nigerian engagement and wedding of some family friends. It was nice to travel outside of Chicago once again and spend the weekend with family. And getting dressed to the nines to witness a wedding and celebrate marriage was the icing on the very yummy reception cake.


Somewhere in between, I visited ICO a few times to finish a research study that I was participating in as a subject. The study had me trying out different prescription lenses in frames of my choosing. At the end, I received a gift and a new pair of glasses (pictured at top).


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