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Medici: A Deli in Hyde Park

When everyone else was at a conference in California, I took the time to explore parts of Chicago I had never been to. My partner in crime and I decided to go walk the streets of the Hyde Park neighborhood. We are thankful for what we found: Medici on 57th.

Medici’s is a restaurant, bakery, and delicatessen. The restaurant has one entrance, and the deli/bakery is right next door. You can order from either menu in either place. The deli is a cute little spot with glass doors that open to a patio during warmer months. The restaurant is two levels with plenty of seating. Also, if you decide to sit in the restaurant, make sure to look at the decor and find the spinning statue!

The menu has an assortment of options to order. The first thing you notice are treats from the bakery, which include fresh bread, pies, and other pastry assortments. They also have ice cream, malts, sundaes, and shakes. There are daily specials, as well. The malts are to die for, but the different types of hot chocolate are also a safe bet.

As for the deli, there is an assortment of sandwiches you can pick from with fancy cheeses such as manchego, one-inch slices of mozzarella, brie, and feta. The meat selection is long and difficult to choose from, but my favorite is the prosciutto. If you are creating your own, I would recommend adding the Kimba dressing (balsamic pesto vinaigrette).

At the restaurant, I would recommend the baked goat cheese and chili cheese fries (vegetarian). All of their pizzas sound amazing.

If you are craving Mediterranean or just looking to upgrade your deli sandwich, this is a must visit. People do not realize that Hyde Park is only about ten minutes from ICO- way closer than you think! There is about 90% less traffic going south. Take the opportunity and walk around the area, or grab it to go. The drive is worth it!


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