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MODA’s Spring 2013 Fashion Show

Last Friday, I mingled with friends from undergrad while taking in one of my favorite annual events. While at the University of Chicago, I was a member of MODA, a fashion platform on campus that catered to students’ more creative and stylish side. My fellow members and I wrote for the fashion and lifestyle, interviewed style influencers for the print magazine and designed pieces for the big annual event–the spring fashion show.


This year, I attended the fete as a guest and was met with a sea of familiar and new faces. I took in the runway show from the VIP section with a fellow MODA alum. The event took place in the Great Hall at Union Station and drew a huge crowd from both the university and the community. Over 70 designs were presented on student models. These looks were designed by a wide range of talent, from students who’d picked up sewing within the past year to established professionals like Lidia Wachowska of Evil Kitty. My favorite designs included beautiful and ultra-feminine dresses, and one look that was positively desert chic.


Design by Concetta Cipriano for Cettina Designs


Design by University of Chicago student Joy Mao


Design by University of Chicago student Lily Lai

Attending the show as a guest was a new experience for me. I had always been backstage in the past, experiencing all the stress and nervousness that any designer or organizer can expect to feel. As an alum, I coasted in and received entrance without having to state my name. I was served grilled shrimp on a silver platter, given a goody bag and escorted to the VIP section. All in all, the experience was nothing short of dazzling. Till next year!


Models in Evil Kitty



Photos by Vivian Wan and Jeff White for MODA


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