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Moody Tongue: A Fancy Brewery

One thing that my generation will be known for is the craft brewery. It seems like no matter which town, city, or neighborhood you are in, you will find multiple. Chicago is no exception to this rule. While I haven’t lived in Chicago since May, I have been fortunate to visit during the important weekends (ICOlympics, Boo Bash). On my last visit, some of my classmates invited me to a new brewery: Moody Tongue.

Moody Tongue looks very clean and sleek. They even have a fireplace. However, if you do go, be prepared to spend some money depending on which beer you select. They have a nectarine IPA, a lemon saison, and the shaved black truffle pilsner. The best beer to try is the caramelized chocolate churro Baltic porter. This may sound way too strong and sweet, but it is delicious and you can taste all of the different flavors.

The Truffle beer is $20.00 for a glass. The other beers mentioned are at a more sensible price, and you can get them in three different sizes. You can get a “taste” (2-3oz) for $2 or $3, a glass for $5-7, or a growler which also has prices varied.

As for food, you can get baguettes, cheese plates, or charcuterie plates. Some of meats are prosciutto, petit ham, jalapeño cheddar bratwurst, etc.

I would definitely recommend this if you are in the mood for some beer but still want to be fancy. Also, they have very unique beers that are worth the experience.


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