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Music While Studying

In optometry school, we’re studying a lot. While in undergrad, I definitely was not studying nearly as much as I am now. I’ve been finding myself distracted when I’m supposed to be preparing for that big test in two days. It’s truly funny the things I think about or find myself doing, instead.

One thing that’s actually a positive distraction is when a good song pops up on my Pandora. I can’t help but lose focus for a bit and sing along. I never realized how big of an impact music had on studying for me before I got to optometry school. I’m a person who likes some kind of noise in the background. I always sleep with a fan at night, for example. I like having that background noise, so it’s not just silence all the time.

I’ve grown to love one particular station on Pandora- Red Hot Chili Peppers Radio. They are one of my favorite bands. I didn’t realize how important this station was until I tried switching. I had become used to the songs Pandora had been playing, so when I changed the station, I found myself actively paying attention to the music when a new song came on. This distraction took time away from me actually focusing. Once I switched back to Red Hot Chili Peppers Radio, though, I got my good study habits back.

I know many people don’t like listening to music while studying because they find it very distracting. I definitely see how this could happen; listening to something while trying to read something else can be difficult. We all have our preferences for what works best for us. For me, personally, it’s listening to the same songs.

I’m sure a lot of people can’t relate. How does a person just listen to the same songs over and over when there are so many different songs, genres, and bands to listen to? I don’t consider myself a huge music fanatic. I have different genres that I already like listening to depending on my mood and what I’m doing. When I find the music genre that works for me, I use it.

I’m not sure if there have been studies on this or not, but listening to classical music is supposed to help you retain information while studying. I’m going to be honest, I have not tried it, but I suppose I could give it a shot! I’m sure if I’m open to it, I’ll find that new Pandora station that works for me for this upcoming quarter.

I enjoy listening to music out loud, so I like to study in my room as to not distract anyone else. Personally, I don’t exactly enjoy wearing headphones. Something about wearing them is just uncomfortable for me. I love the idea of Beats, but all of the piercings that I have on my ears do not like the tight fit.  If I were to invest in some headphones, I would have to go wireless. They seem like they would cause much less of a hassle.

Music and studying can go hand in hand for some people, while it could be the complete opposite for others. I’d like to hear some of your favorite tunes for studying or leisure, so show off your music taste in the comments!


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