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My First Time at Vision Expo West

This year, I was very fortunate to win a VSP travel grant to attend Vision Expo West (VEW) in Las Vegas. Not only was this my first time at VEW, but it was also my first-ever time in Vegas! Now, if you don’t know what VEW is, it is a conference for optometrists and opticians that focuses on private practice and displaying the latest innovation in vision care.

The trip started off a little rocky. My plane was delayed three hours, resulting in a 2 a.m. arrival. Other than that, though, it was all uphill. I was upgraded at my hotel to a full, beautiful suite with a great view of the strip. There was an In-N-Out right by my hotel (big deal for me being from the East coast,) and I got to see many of my friends from other optometry schools!

My trip was from Wednesday night to Friday night. During my visit, I was able to explore the expo, learn more about new innovations, and attend continuing education lectures. I met many other students, doctors and people within industry. 

By far, my favorite day was Friday. It started with a breakfast talk about the future of optometry. Next, I had some time to relax by the pool. At the expo, I was able to explore the outstanding booths and new technology. That afternoon, the Young Professionals Club had a get together for students and doctors at the LAVO Italian restaurant. The hor d’oeuvres were delicious and the networking was great. Directly after this, ODsonFB sponsored an event at Tao. I chatted with people from VSP and many colleagues that I know from the SOLutioN conference I went to in the summer.

Overall, it was an awesome experience. VEW was a great mix of learning and fun. I am more excited than ever about my future career!.A special thank you to VSP for providing me with the opportunity to attend!


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